a scientist studying reincarnation gathers evil minions to solve an ancient mystery


mad scientist and his gang of weirdosI was in a massive wooden apartment. It was an open concept affair, with multiple levels of floor a few steps higher or lower than the next. There was a hot tub. It was the home of two sisters. They were based mostly on SW (a female friend who I rarely see) and her sister (a person I have never met). I suspect that the form they took in the dream was also a composite of the sister duo of AG (ex girlfriend from college) and her sister GG. The duo in the dream was not particularly similar to either of the IRL inspirations, aside from the fact that they are all pairs of sisters who do not get along and may even hate each other.

(Trust me, it gets more interesting…)

In the dream, the sister I was closer to (SW/AG) was very religious. She wanted to spend her time studying and praying and talking about how great her faith was. The other sister just wanted to listen to music and have fun. This was the source of their disagreement – sister 1 wanted sister 2 to participate, or at the very lest stop being disruptive to her studies, but she would not.

A party of people arrived. Mostly relatives. They began using the indoor hot tub and enjoying themselves. The hot tub was one of the things her sister did that pissed off SW.

The second part of the dream was more interesting.

There was a scientist who had been researching reincarnation and regeneration. He had done some work with bringing dead tissue back to life, and regrowing limbs. He had used a glowing green formula to regrow the limbs of himself and the head of his girlfriend (she had been decapitated?) and suchlike. But now all the things that had been regrown were abruptly becoming pale, decayed and corrupted.

He set out on a quest to discover the origins of the green formula. The formulate, he learned, was not just a chemical compound. It was the physical manifestation of the will of a mysterious force or individual. He went on a grand adventure to solve the mystery of its origins.

He became a sort of anime villain. The kind that has a noble goal but will do whatever it takes to achieve it. He had all kinds of sidekicks. A big lumbering mutant, like an old hunchback or something. An animal. A cute energetic young girl with some sort of powers. All these minions were given numbers for names. The scientist probably wore a big cloak like a wizard or reaper. His headquarters was up a flight of stairs in a secret wing of the university he taught at

It took him to all kinds of ruins and museums. In what looked like a raised monument in a graveyard, which stood alone with its own grounds about a hundred feet radius from it, he read inscriptions, rotated pillars, in order to solve a puzzle. Maybe some artefact had to be placed somewhere and turned. Indiana Jones type stuff. And it created some sort of warp that led up to a weird anti-gravity maze in the sky surrounded by gold coins that felt like it was from a Mario game.

(The dream was absolutely inspired by a recent re-viewing of Re-Animator and one of its sequels, which feature glowing green liquid as a serum that re-animates the dead, as well as the sort of stuff that happens in a Tomb Raider game, the most recent of which I played recently.)


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