irrelevant nonsense


I was reading a French rip-off of Calvin and Hobbes. Though derivative it was well written, and challenged the way the reader thought about possessions and other material things. Later I was at the movie theatre, waiting for the movie to load onscreen. A progress bar was projected on the screen indicating how far along the movie was in pre-caching, decompressing, downloading, spooling, whatever.

When the movie started, I was in it. It was a sci-fi movie where I was trying to figure out what the mysterious aliens wanted by examining the ship that they had apparently left behind for us without explanation. There weren’t many clues, but there were tiny creatures living on the ship. Reflexively when one approached me, I closed the door on it, and it didn’t even notice. My bedside notes say something about ‘egg extraction’, which I do not remember.

My movie watching partner was some sort of man-girl-child, and was somehow adorable, despite being a strange ambiguous small person of indeterminate gender.


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