insects and mercenaries and brain conditions


I was making my way through some sort of dilapidated water related facility with some other people. I have vague memories of being in the military and sneaking out of camp at night – we were apparently going AWOL and this is why we were willing to wade through flooded basement halls full of all kids of bugs and things.

It was almost like an underground tunnel, but at the same time it had windows. Anyway it was filthy but for the most part manageable as most urban exploring is until we arrived at the aforementioned pool of water that we had to wade through. I began worrying about all kinds of parasitical lifeforms. The exit to the outside was in this chamber, up above a weird caged piece of the wall within which some strange bugs crawled. I was not sure what part of them was the body and what part was a decorative appendage. They were interesting and one of our group, my IRL friend NMW, was also curious about them.

Suddenly, it was actually a medical facility, and we were being hunted by what we assumed were mercenaries. It turned out, however, that they were men and women from somewhere in Europe who had the curious hobby of hunting human beings. Their actions were somewhat permitted by law because we were fleeing law, and they had nothing to fear of prosecution for their crimes.

Once they captured us, they wanted to torture us psychologically, mock and humiliate us before finally killing us. Suddenly the facility was a medical lab in which we, the pursued, were employees, and the main hunter guy found out he had some sort of brain disease that would kill him, and the lab was, I assumed, researching that very condition. Suddenly we weren’t in danger any more. The head mercenary had a change of heart too, suddenly seemed like he regretted all his violence.


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