the worst zombie videogame ever, unless the player is a zombie

me nailing boards over an ipad

(It’s supposed to be an iPad.)

I was playing a zombie game on some sort of device – sometimes it was a computer, other times a cellphone, it was ambiguous. It was a zombie game that used information about your position and environment to create a correspondingly accurate zombie apocalypse scenario in the game. It was augmented reality in a way, as you perhaps had to move around in the game by moving around in the device.

Now of course, it being a dream, things did not remain that simple.

At some point the developer changed the format of the game. They discontinued the app for humans, or at least disabled access to accounts. On the other hand they continued to let zombies play the game. Suddenly zombies were in real life, and I was unable to access my account, to log out or cancel it. While fleeing the zombie hordes with a group of survivors, I was constantly trying to think up ways of turning the game off, but doing so from my own devices was impossible.

I got very angry with the developers for putting me in this situation where I would be in perpetual danger and had no way of cancelling my account. Clearly the worst blunder of any videogame company ever. 

(The game was probably a confused composite of State of Decay and Please Stay Calm.)


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