dungeon diving an infinite mansion interior world tree


dream clock goblinDream involved ‘dungeon diving‘ in a world that was entirely composed of indoor environments. Villages and things in the halls and chambers of a hodge-podge world of all kinds of different architectural styles and building types mashed together haphazardly.

I feel like the overall shape of the world was a tower extending forever upwards, becoming larger with each ascending floor. Almost tree-like, in a way, except that I don’t know if there were any ‘dead ends’ as with branches.

The dungeon diving expedition I remember involved travelling upstairs with a few villagers to clear out a ‘dungeon’ that resembled a somewhat upper class household of an era past. I remember a grandfather clock, all kinds of candelabras and decorative plates and vases and things. It felt ‘haunted’, but more by physical creatures than metaphysical ones. I remember wanting both to do most of the fighting to protect the villagers from danger, and to let them do most of the fighting to protect myself from effort and boredom. (This is a fairly common thought process when I am playing video games with disposable ally characters.)

I have added a new setting category – perpetual interior – to describe these sorts of dreams that take place in an indoor location to which there is no corresponding outdoors. It’s pretty often my dreams are just normal houses and the like that seem like endless self-contained worlds.



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