beyound Beyound Re-Animator


Had fairly fevered dreams last night. Fell asleep at a friend’s (DM) house while she was watching Beyond Re-Animator. I was never fully sure when I was awake or asleep. I would say things to her and then realize that I’d only said them inside my head. Whenever I closed my eyes I would immediately have visions of creatures and situations. 

I dreamed an entirely different end of the movie, which involved sub-plots about identity theft and possibly duplicate versions of Dr. Herbert West, one of whom was trying to pretend to be someone else. There were kids, who were kids of one of the characters in the movies.

By the end of the movie, all the adult characters had been arrested except one guy, leaving the kids unattended and potentially exposed to danger. The one adult was this pleasant gentleman and he decided to take care of the kids. But then you realize that he left something on the counter that he’d taken off the stove when making dinner for them that would catch fire and burn down the entire house maybe. Dun-dun dunnnnnn!


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