supercars and NPC nerds


I was a student in a slum of an apparently ruined modern city. Most of the dream seemed to revolve around my inability to get work done, show up to class on time, or get along with fellow students at a high school that strongly resembled L-school, an American school for U.S. military brats I attended in England.

One thing that stands out is my old L-school classmate, JRR, being mildly slighted by either a student or a teacher, and overreacting with a violent assault of insults (inssault? ansult?) that made him look a fool and certainly did not improve his situation with said teacher.

However, there was some other interesting stuff going on. Exploring the ruined streets and overgrown rubble of the city, I was able to find all kinds of cool stuff. There were street gangs, cannibals, secret technology projects stored in unmarked buildings, stuff like that. 

At once point I had hopped a privacy-screened chain-link fence of a small fenced in area, about eight feet on each side. It was actually part of a row of similarly sized areas, which at some point were probably locked outdoor storage areas for residents of a nearby building which no longer existed.

This one section happened to be the entrance to an underground grotto lab of a nerdy classmate of mine, who was just outside needing help opening the entrance. He was glad to see me, and took my presence as an intentional attempt at visiting him, and told me about how he had stolen plans for some sort of supercar he had found in the ruins and was building his own. I think we may have rode around in it at some point, but the interesting thing here is that I was under the assumption that I was in a videogame, and I was wondering if he was a character I would meet one time in this location, help enter it, and for the rest of the game would always appear down below in the grotto.

(I think my classmate’s story is a combination of the “It’s dangerous to go alone” man in Legend of Zelda, who lives in a tiny cave and who’s famous quote I recently made a shirt of, and Mimic from the Game Boy game Shantae, who had found the plans for a steam engine in an ancient vault, and who’s game I have just started re-playing. And so should you!)


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