spies and sky emperors


I was on a mission with Sterling Archer (from the show Archer). I was probably Cyril, on account of the fact that I wasn’t a great agent and could barely keep up with him, and he’s the character in the show I most resemble visually.

Much of the dream involved us escaping capture by some sinister but ambiguous enemy, and finding ourselves on an endless self-contained floating city. The interior was elegant and made of wood and glass and brass. It had a very old-timey feel, but at the same time was laid out like a shopping mall.

We ran through corridors trying to find a way off. Avoiding detection was easy – the place was empty. We were in such a hurry we wouldn’t even bother opening doors at times, we would just walk right through them, shattering their glass. I believe Archer berated me for this at first, since I did this in my haste to keep up with him, however he was doing it himself soon enough. We stormed through empty bars, rec rooms, long and pointless hallways, up stairs.

At one point we stopped so he could investigate a small amount of shattered glass under a mannequin in a store display. It was a little weird, but so was stopping to show it any concern.

We arrived on a ‘roof’ at one point. It was either night outside or there was a ceiling over the roof so there was no actual sky visible. It looked like someone had been there recently, smoking a cigarette and repairing or assembling a gun. I didn’t recognize the model of gun but it appeared to be a revolver. I felt I recognized the gun but now that I’m awake, I don’t believe any gun looks like it. It appeared almost conical in shape, even the rotating section (which makes no sense). I seemed to feel that it looked ‘German’ (perhaps designed by Georg Luger). As we left I noticed some vintage posters advertising for gun manufacturers. Guy who was just here had been a gunmaker or a gun enthusiast.

Finally we made it to the true top of the city, and outside. I was disappointed to learn that the city had the bulbous appearance of a balloon moreso than the cool airship structure I had imagined. It almost looked like an inflatable castle. I was a little afraid my very weight would warp it’s shape or pull it downwards.

At the roof of the city I met the city’s Emperor. He was a Japanese feudal lord. I was to be executed by him personally, but before this happened, something more remarkable did. Being from a different time period and different timelines, my dimensional aura had a huge impact. He was soon inundated by recollections from other lifetimes in other eras and continuities. He became more than just an old man who ruled a city, he was many men of many ages, wiser and yet somehow younger as well. He was eating ring shaped candies, and I wanted some. 

(The Archer parts of the dream were interesting, because I don’t even like Archer.)


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