tidal waves, murderers and schoolboy detective agencies


I was part of a highschool student detective agency, which was sort of like a school club that met at lunch. We were working on a case together, but we didn’t keep files on everything, so it relied on their and my terrible memories.

There was a girl who could make herself a cyclopse, or grow an eye on her forehead.

I started writing down some case info on a chalk board to realize that I could not read what was written. It kept changing. I had to focus to make it spell anything, but as soon as I stopped it turned into an indistinct vagueness. This is when I realized I was dreaming.

I informed my groupmates that they were inside a dream world. They did not find this altogether that interesting. I floated around above their heads – still no reaction.

(There was some chasing of perpetrators down back alleys and planning stings at picnic tables in parks as well, but I don’t remember how those fit in.)

So I started floating around town trying to find a nice lady to have sex with. This is a thing I do in dreams. The city reminded me of Vancouver. It had an ocean too. I went to the top of a building that looked like a massive air traffic control tower, to find that at the top was a wave monitoring station. Alarms were going off there. There was a chubby woman there who told me that it was too late to do anything, the tidal wave was coming. So I told her we should probably have sex if we’re going to die. I don’t remember the sex part tho.

Next thing I know we’re on the ground, watching the horizon change shape as the water recedes, signalling the impending wave. I floated up and started using my magic powers to suppress the wave, but the scope of the tidal forces was too wide, and I could only stop it at a certain point. The woman I was with started accusing me of somehow causing it.

I remember moving around in the city after this, so maybe I saved the city? Not the beach though. Beach dwellers got drowned, that’s for sure.

In a later dream perhaps, I was on an adventure, somehow reminded me of the movie Romancing the Stone for some reason – male and female protagonist trying to find some ancient treasure or some crap. A recurring “comedic” element was that the guy kept forgetting the woman was storing their documents and passports inside a chamber inside a flashlight. We ended up on a boat fighting normal people who decided to become murderers. At one point we were running from them on the top deck (which was laid out like a cubicle office, with partitions and stuff) during the storm.

Suddenly things got dark. Three women began killing the good lady with this weird spike machine/drilling device that took all three of them to hold (or attach to themselves), impaling her on it and maybe sucking her guts out. I stabbed them each in the head but it had no effect – it was as if they were possessed by the machine, no longer individuals.


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