nuclear vampire apocalypse


I was in some research facility underground. It seemed to be both military (lots of security) and university (lots of students). The lights flickered out at some point. Creatures that fed on human blood (which I never actually saw) had escaped their holding tanks and were pursuing. There was just a mass panic of screaming and crowds rushing in all directions. 

Through the confusion I was able to escape. My goal was to reach the nearest city, New York City, and warn people. I avoided the group of other people who managed to make it out alive, reasoning that the monsters would be more interested in groups. Also, I was fairly certain the creatures were vampires and those they killed would themselves be monsters.

I ran the whole way to the city, through nature and on back roads. I arrived at a river and had to climb over concrete rubble and saw that across the water was the city. A boat passed by – it was part of a fleet of boats led by a man who had worked at the facility, who had been important. They had stolen a piece of machinery from the lab, and this is presumably part of what had released the creatures. They were being chased by other military boats.

Suddenly, New York City exploded in a mushroom cloud. There was blinding light and blazing hot wind and rubble falling everywhere. I knew instantly that this was a quarantine protocol – in order to stop the spread of the vampirism, the government removed a major city from existence.

A later part of the dream had me living a normal life, and then finding a mouse that was somehow intelligent. It enjoyed watching certain movies, reading certain books, and knew how to indicate them to me. I took it to the videogame rental place and let it pick a game it wanted to play (or, more likely, watch me play). Anyway I thought my mouse pal was important and would talk to him and believed he understood. I kept him in my front shirt pocket. I planned to find female mice for him to breed with, so that his brilliance may never be extinguished.

Then, the vampire stuff all started happening again (presumably I heard about it on the news). I suppose I had believed I had escaped all that, but I had not. I travelled to this big fancy university and spoke to a professor there in his office, which was lined glass walls overlooking massive green courtyards.

I don’t know what I found out, but the next thing I remember was weathering another explosion in a city. I was sitting on a ledge leaning against a concrete wall with some other refugees. The explosion came from my right, down a road over a bridge. I placed a Styrofoam bucket on my head, which protected me. I remember the explosion being not a single blast, but a continuous wave of force. Observed from inside my styrofoam bucket protection, which was apparently quite effective, I saw the bucket vibrate, smoke, get brighter as it heated up, turn red and begin to melt, all while a hissing and wailing soundtrack of atomic winds wooshed by.

I survived, but just barely, because of the bucket. The mouse, who I just remembered was in my pocket, also survived, which made me very glad. 

(Almost certainly inspired by the Justin Cronin’s Passage novels.)

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