mutant cyborg bully revenge


This dream had me drifting back and forth between sleep and semi-consciousness, so the lines between dream and daydream are blurred. Principally it was about me being a person in a highschool. My goal was to impress the girls, and I did this by challenging this bully (resembled a composite of two muscle-y jerks I went to HS with) to a fight one time when he picked on me. I did this at some sort of assembly/workshop thing and had shouted it across a crowded room at him, so everyone knew. There was some confusion over weather we’d fight right away or after school. It would be decided that after school made sense. (At this point he seemed to consider me an equal. The tone of our relationship changed entirely.)

Of course, little did they know that I was a magic cyborg mutant programmed for mystical kung fu powers. There was one scene where I showed the younger sister of one of the hot girls I liked the fact that my face could open up as if there were a hinge under my chin, revealing my cybernetic skeleton and other junk. But she was the only one. I had conceived of a number of moves I could use. I could jump off a high point and spin like a homing drill missile, do backflips, and other ridiculous nonsense.

He didn’t stand a chance, and I felt kinda sorry about how much I would humiliate him. I was just such an awesome ultimate punching machine and radical kick-o-matic that I would just embarrass myself by the fact that I even challenged him. I don’t know how the ladies would see that.

That’s the main plot. The dream involved other stuff. There was a bit where I was in a stall in a public washroom. I noticed that there were no side walls to the stalls, so I could see all the toilets to my left and to my right. It looked initially like there was a sliding wall you could pull for privacy. I pulled it to cover my left, but when I pulled the other one on my right, the one on the left condensed down. Then one of the girls who I was into came into the room, and stuck her head around the leftmost stall and told me about some thing that was going on that I might be interested in going to after I was finished. She was apparently not grossed out at all.

Speaking of gross out, another part of the dream involved ladies dressing up in these gross crab/crustacean costumes and then having sex with guys at this crab fetishist convention/orgy. For some reason the only thing that occurred to me was “how do they tell if the girls in the costumes are hot or not?”.


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