being Japanese, catching a serial killer


I was a teenager going to a Japanese highschool. Aside from being populated by Japanese people, and being vaguely foreign, it wasn’t much different from American highschools.

One of our assignments was in game design. It had been assigned by what I believe was a French teacher, so I didn’t expect that the game I made had to be any good. I was expected to make a game in HTML5, but since I didn’t know how to do that and left it to the last minute, I instead plotted to use the teacher’s naivete to use some pre-made template game, customize it with graphics, and then hand it in.

Then I was off to meet my father (the fictional father of my fictional character, nothing to do with my actual father). He was riding on a train in an empty cargo car, but also in style, on a nice fluffy bed, drinking. He told me a few things about working in Japan.

  • He was expected to remarry while in Japan. If he went back to America for a wife, he would be seen as weak. There was some philosophical justification for this that he ridiculed because it contradicted science, neither of which I really understood.
  • Related to the first point, he claimed that in Japan, men viewed other men as either their hunters or their prey. If he ever fell into the latter category, he would never be respected or to do his work properly. He constantly had to police his behaviour and actions consequently.
  • He also described his experience being injured. He lifted onto an ambulance, taken to another place, put on a comfy mattress and then subsequently lifted to another ambulance. There would always be a man loudly and theatrically inviting him to patronize their ambulance. It is through this chain that he arrived on the train.

We arrived at the station, where some friends of mine were waiting. The latter half of the dream, save for a part where my friend NMW was telling me about a villain from the original Ninja Turtles cartoon who was three-gendered (?), was about being part of a group of people trying to catch a killer in a slasher movie.

We were at this dimly lit venue, sort of a mix between a bar, playhouse and school, and one of us went in the washroom. The killer was there! I remember going in and their being a fight, perhaps a woman was killed. I fled to a bathroom stall and the killer stabbed his machete right through the middle of the door. I tried pushing it out as a distraction while someone else snuck behind him and stabbed him in the back with a knife.

There was a fight that took us elsewhere and ended up with me hacking up the killer till he falls to the ground. I look down to see that he is now a ‘baby’, or at least something vaguely resembling one. He has transformed into a cocooned state, looking almost like an alien larva. I did not want to kill a baby, no matter how evil and/or alien, so I sort of siddled away as the others surrounded it, leaving them to do whatever they felt needed to be done.

And a girl from the group who was quite attractive started flirting with me, and said she ‘might’ be interested in taking things further than just flirting (flirtin’ for a squirtin’ (sorry)). I asked her to step behind some curtains in the hall with me and we started making out. I had trouble getting inside her due to my erection just not being strong enough for some reason. And then it was over.


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