a hero in a world where the villains took over


I was a Batman-like superhero in a city perpetually shrouded in shadow (not pictured). It was a massive maze of buildings that extended seemingly infinitely in all directions, including up and down. I glided downwards through a section of the city (that seemed like a pit make of buildings going infinitely downwards but occasionally curving around in different directions) and reflected on how safe and sound the city was in spite of the darkness.

I decided that the villains must have taken over some time ago, and the burden of leadership had caused them to mature and create a society emphasizing safety and order rather than the carnage you might expect. This order was too sound, it was weakening humanity by preventing them from ever experiencing hardship or danger that might have caused them to grow or develop in any way.

I decided to end this orderly stagnation. I flew to the police station with the intent on shutting down whatever mechanical/computer/automated system was in place to keep things running, or maybe use some sort of loudspeaker system installed there to tell everyone in the city to resist? Anyway, when I got there the dream had switched gears entirely, and it was a bright and sunny building build that was not too tall and not buried in a labyrinth of structures. It genuinely looked like a setting in a Japanese ‘visual novel’ type game (pictured). There I met some colourful characters and all semblance of goal or plot was lost.

May 15, 2016


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