mesh creature


The only part I remember was kneeling at a bed examining this strange little lifeform about the size of a peach pit in the light of the sun shining through the window above the bed. The creature was either in my hand or on the surface of the bed.

It’s a tough little thing to describe, and in fact I will have to both draw and animate it to really show how it was. It was a sort of ‘mesh’ of organic tubes in an elongated sphere shape (prolate spheroid), with the mesh being arranged in either hexagons or pentagons. The tubes were a dull brown, like a walnut shell. It seemed dry, which is worth noting because of its other properties.

It could retain its form, and at first glance could seem to be an inanimate object. But if you looked at it long enough you’d see that it was slowly moving. It could expand the sphere shape by stretching its tubes, or shrink it by condensing them. They became thinner as it grew, and wider as it shrank. I believe I saw it as small as a peanut, at which point it appeared more like a solid object with little holes in it, rather than a mesh of mostly empty space.

I was showing it to my sister NC, or looking at it with my sister. I was anxious that it would be injured, I felt empathy for this weird little thing that resembled nothing – not a plant, not an animal, nothing that lives outside the water. Then I looked away, and something happened – she tried grabbing it, I assumed – and looked back to see it and the bed had this green jam-like splatter across it. I thought it was its blood, and I became livid with her for harming it. But she seemed to be telling me that it had just attacked a swarm of bugs and this was somehow related (a secretion to poison/dissolve them, or perhaps simply the gelatinous remains of the insects and whatever it did to them).

May 14, 2016


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