This is a dream journal.

I’ve done the dream journal thing for years. I’ve enjoyed many of my dreams, and I like sharing them.

There are a lot of categories.

Initially I started this blog solely to use the categorization system to track recurring themes in my dreams. I wanted to know what the most common themes were and maybe figure out why. Mostly a curiosity.

I like to make art.

I recently got back into drawing after a decade hiatus. I am really enjoying myself, and figured that illustrating my dreams would be a good way to expand my range a bit, since I generally draw the same things when not forced to do otherwise.

You can see more of my art on my tumblr.

My dreams tend to be elaborate, and are sometimes crazy.

Most people find my dreams a bit unbelievable. I get that my dreams are a bit more complex than most people’s. I think I know why, however.

I spent most of my life – yes, all the way up to my current adulthood – daydreaming the crap out of every waking minute. I get bored easily and have to entertain myself with stories. I always have at least one foot in fantasyland, and I suppose this has conditioned my brain to produce dreams the way it does. My brain is also a melding pot of silly entertainment nonsense – superheroes, sci-fi, horror movies, etc. It all just sort of blends together and gets regurgitated by my subconsious.

I’m really glad to have these dreams and feel a tad bit of pity for people who have mundane dreams. Those poor dumb jerks and their stupid losery dreams…


3 thoughts on “About

  1. Wow awesome blog dude. Just read through a dozen or so dreams. I’m glad you try to transcribe exactly what you remember without altering the narrative too much just to make it make sense. Consider this: maybe its not just blended regurgitation from your subconscious, but actual experiences of incarnations in past, future, or alternate timelines; but you use elements of your own subconscious imagery to ‘translate’ the inexplicable experiences into a frame of reference that your waking mind can relate to? Just sayin

    • Hi 2Youth, thanks for responding. It’s nice to hear from you and I am glad that you enjoyed reading my dreams.

      I wish I could believe that in some time or place I had amazing powers, went on incredible adventures and did impossible things. But in accepting that I would also have to accept that in other times and places I was a horrible monster who did unspeakable evils.

      I really do sometimes wish that the places that I visit in my dreams were real though. Even the awful ones are magical in their own way.

      • I’ve been recording my dreams for some time as well, and a few years ago I started to write some of the most memorable ones together into an ongoing story, since they seemed somehow connected, or at least happened in the same ‘world’. It’s been a strange and difficult process to mold it together into something that people could actually follow continuously, since I try not to alter the original transcriptions of the dreams too much. I have begun posting it piece by piece on my blog, to encourage me to complete some of the missing chunks and bring some closure to this strange rambling story, I invite you to check it out here: http://thehandwordandlaw.wordpress.com/2014/07/03/wylhil-2/ (‘Wylhil’ is a strange word I have never heard that came to me in one of the dreams, covered in a later chapter)

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