strange floating animal


I was on some sort of futuristic military base in the desert, possibly on another planet. There was a strange floating creature that look vaguely animal, and seemed either benign or at the very least totally uninterested. The animal had head protrusions and ball-point leg protrusions.

(Pre-fanciness version of above animation follows in full post, if you’re interested.)

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mad bikers and VHS hoarding


I was with LG (ladyfriend), at her parent’s house. It was a wooden house built on the side of a wooded slope, not unlike my cousin SC’s parent’s house. Not too far below, the slope flattened out in a little area and there was a small graveyard that sort of bordered a path paved with stones. Continue reading

when the end comes


I was a teenager, staying in this massive mansion in the middle of the woods. It was based on my friend SD’s parent’s house but was quite a bit more mansiony. The people I was staying there with were all teenage punks. I got the distinct impression that there were no adults, that we were sort of squatting at this luxurious place, and it had a sort of Lost Boys (and Girls) feel. I also got the impression that something had happened in the outside world and while we were having fun at this punk mansion, we were also there as refugees from a world that we could not return to. Continue reading