evil neighbors took my van


Wednesday, April 14, 2004 – Part Two

A few nights ago, actually I think it was the nap I took the day I got back (yesterday?), I had a dream about some family that hated me. The mother of the family was the next door neighbor kid G’s mom from England, though largely in appearance only. Her personality was that of a bitch whereas in real life the only time she ever had a tone was when she mentioned that Sliver was pornography when she saw it in our video collection (what is it with that forgettable movie and these dreams lately?). I can’t recall why she hated me, but it was definitely for a reason that made no sense. Like maybe I was supposed to take care of something of hers while she was away and then it broke when she got back and had to order a new one. Anyway, they her sons, who were dumb followers, were standing at the window watching me masturbate and as soon as I realized it I hid somewhere and chucked rocks at their heads for ages. I was so good I managed to get the rocks to bounce off one and hit the other. Strangely they were hurt but just stood there about thirty meters away not really understanding where the rocks were from. Then suddenly they mobilized, and I realized the whole family was moving after me and might want to kill me so I found a place to hide in a van I owned. Then they all got in the van and I was like “what’s going on this is my van” and she’s like “let me tell you about having to order [bla bla bla, alluding to the event that was the cause of her hatred for me]”. So I guess I basically had to give them my van. What a bitch. I think the watching me masturbate thing was from an episode of Trailer Park Boys.

man-bat cancer pill queen


January 6th, 2002

I have been having a number of interesting dreams as of late, but I haven’t been keeping very good track so some things are unclear.  By far the most interesting was the one in which I met up with KA [daughter of a family friend who went to my school in England and was two or three years younger than I].  She was older and hotter and we ended up having sex, or at least we started going at it, me on top her on the bottom, but I decided it wasn’t the best time or the best place cuz I had a dim notion that the McN kids were in the room, at the age they were at in Germany.  Kinda weird person to have that kind of dream about, makes me feel a ped but it is only a dream and anyway she was older than when I knew her.  It was one of the few sex dreams I’ve had that wasn’t weird or awful.  Anyway we ended up having to wander around looking for food, because, predictably enough, we were in an apocalyptic city ruin.  There was a food/supply pile next to a little river in one part of town that was where we were going to get food – I don’t know how the food got so concentrated in that area.  Then a gang came along, and we kinda backed off.  The premise of most of this dream was us wandering around trying to find a place to get it on, with the obligatory apocalypse and zombies.  It’s a recurring characteristic – almost as if Dawn of the Dead forever affected the way my subconscious mind works.  Scary.  I suspect KA was brought to mind by the fact that I saw her on a Christmas card and me remembering where all my old GB games went now that I have the GBA.  I would have much preferred it if something like this came out of randomness instead. [I had given all my Gameboy games to KA several years prior, when I thought I was growing out of them.] Continue reading