I was a were-parrot! also: Stealth Boys, Frankenstein Texans, and a mysterious tower


There was a city on a plateau that became a very pointed cliff overhang on one side. Passing through that tip was a massive tower, which appeared to have been assembled randomly. It was dotted with doors, staircases, pillars, all kinds of things, made out of all kinds of materials. The town was much the same, though generally made of wood and ropes and things. Had the feeling of a desert island home built from flotsam and jetsam as seen in so many castaway movies.

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giants having giant orgies after they feast on humanity


My sister N was keeping a raccoon at a hotel our family was staying at. We were on some sort of resort thing where my parents had pre-established elderly friends. Anyway everyone seemed ok with the raccoon but me. I kept telling my family that it would bite us in our sleep and give us the rabies. Kept insisting that it had rabies. My sister had set it up a little room inside this massive oven that was in one of the rooms of the hotel suite. He even had little furniture and things. There was a frozen turkey inside the oven that we were just starting there, and she didn’t seem bothered that he kept trying to eat it. No, he won’t eat it, don’t be silly, that sort of thing. My mother was totally unconcerned, saying she had to spend enough time preparing food for the family that she didn’t have any left over for caring about whether or not a raccoon is something to be concerned about. Continue reading

horrific horny hags, government coverups (literally), a slave rebellion on a dystopic offshore oil rig based micronation, and human-cookie transmutation

hag what wants to rape me

I was on a field trip with a class. I feel like we were probably in elementary school, at the boarding school I used to attend in England. It was in the middle of the night, and we were traversing a labyrinth of urban decay before arriving at a sort of mansion hotel surrounded by a sort of ravine. This is where we were staying. On the way, we encountered a frightening hag-like creature, suggestive of an old lady but clearly neither human nor genuinely alive. After giving us a scare, she was nowhere to be seen. We asked the woman who ran the mansion hotel about this creature. She confirmed that the thing came into the hotel all the time, and that it wasn’t very strong, but if you were a man wandering the halls alone it would definitely try to have sex with you. I was not interested in learning firsthand how a female monster can force a man to have sex with her, but fortunately the woman had a suggestion: If I found myself set upon by it, I could go through this room that was basically an ‘airlock’ of double screen doors, and she would hold the door shut for me after I passed through. Presumably a supernatural creature that can easily overpower a man has great difficulty passing through the ricketiest old door in the place. Continue reading

Brock Sampson vs werewolf dinosaurs


This dream was inspired by The Venture Bros. It’s just a mishmash of ideas from it.

So I was a henchman for the Monarch or a villain like him. Our base of operations was a massive nuclear jet. Brock was one of the lieutenants of the villain. But he’s different. Angrier, more subdued, quieter. Also there’s a gorilla man or woman as one of the other lieutenants. This gorilla has a child. Continue reading

arrowing some demons


I was in some sort of videogame that was part Tomb Raider and part Zelda. I was running down this structure that had been completely covered by vines and trees and things, as if it had been abandoned for thousands of years, being chased by boar-like creatures. I ended up jumping across a large gap and found myself in an indoor section with a sort of lowered ‘hall’ running down the big room lengthwise. I found a secret passage in this hall to a chamber that contained a chest. Inside was a bow. As soon as I acquired the bow, demons appeared outside the room. They could not fit in, so one paced up and down the length of the hall while the other snarled at me from the door. I fired arrows at him, which he didn’t seem to interested in dodging. He’s dead now.

when the end comes


I was a teenager, staying in this massive mansion in the middle of the woods. It was based on my friend SD’s parent’s house but was quite a bit more mansiony. The people I was staying there with were all teenage punks. I got the distinct impression that there were no adults, that we were sort of squatting at this luxurious place, and it had a sort of Lost Boys (and Girls) feel. I also got the impression that something had happened in the outside world and while we were having fun at this punk mansion, we were also there as refugees from a world that we could not return to. Continue reading