a tale of two kitties (not altogether interesting)


I have been fostering a cat, G. In my dream last night there was some confusion because Y, the office cat at W-company, was somehow still alive and was slim enough that I got the two confused.

cyborg frog rocks


The dream involved:

Frogs that grew among rocks in a stream or brook. They would form as a sort of slime film around the rocks as the water lapped over them, and the slime would form together into a more complex life and eventually there would be a bed of frogs, all capable of mobility but just a shell around a non-being with no organs. There was an ongoing experiment on them. They made them form around balls of ice so they would become hollow once it melted, floppy piles of frog-coloured pasta. The scientists tried to place little machines inside the frogs so that the organic part would grow around the machine and serve as its biological exoskeleton. Possibly to spy on people.

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Yakuza war, mad mortician, mummie-robot hitler, kung fu


This entry was originally pretty long, so I decided to split it in two.

Saturday, April 03, 2004 – Part One

I haven’t written in a while, partially because I lost this document. It was recovered to me by SA on this very day not twenty minutes ago, but alas is incomplete, probably not the most recent version that ever existed. Two Items below were left as notes of dreams to be described later but I didn’t. I have only a vague recollection of this dream which is better than a lot of my recollections of the above. Let me try to summarize, I might refine said summaries later. Continue reading

giant wolves, exploding a table


January 11th, 2002

How do I manage not to update this thing?

Last night I dreamt that MS [a girl I was living with at the time] was crying. I thought I’d try comforting her to I was all like trying to be nice and stuff and then she yells at me “Get your hands off of me” and starts yelling her head off. I guess either I came off as a little sarcastic and cruel or something, or maybe I was being sarcastic without realizing it, but she was pissed. And then a friend of hers, who was this tubby black chick from [my boss’]’s vacation photos (jeez, talk about obscure character!) came in to defend her. It’s a crappy situation. Some other shit happened, some cool possibly involving monsters, but I don’t remember. Continue reading