a ghostly apparition, a mystery, treasure and teleportation


I had this dream while sleeping on the couch in my old college friend CC’s living room. It was a sort of sleep paralysis thing, where I thought I was awake in the living room. There was a figure that kept approaching me, or slowly receding away from me, down the hallway into the darkness. I think whatever it was took the form of a family member, a sister or my mother perhaps. It was a rather frightening ghostly apparition, and after a while I became aware that I was actually asleep, and began banging my foot on the floor repeatedly to wake myself up. When I did wake up I found my foot ached because I indeed had been controlling it in my sleep. Continue reading

Shaolin monk and some Chinese weirdos trying to steal all my grass


A Shaolin monk looking guy shows up at the door in ratty clothes with what seemed to be a family of Chinese weirdos. These guys kept trying to communicate nonverbally what they wanted, which was apparently the grass in the front yard. So I said fine, you can have the grass, and started leading them down when one of them needed to use the washroom. He ran down the hall to use it and I got worried he’d be stealing stuff, but it was just the washroom so whatever.

Anyway, we go downstairs and out front and they start pulling up the grass. I start worrying that our landlady NK will get pissed off. I sort of let them pick it all anyway.

Next I’m in a bus on a field trip to a summer park. Among the students are a friend of mine from T-school (an international private school I went to), JB and his sister CB. Haven’t thought of them for years.

My voice recorder contains an account of “being rendered like cartoon characters, Archie meets Scott Pilgrim”, of which I have no recollection.

horrific horny hags, government coverups (literally), a slave rebellion on a dystopic offshore oil rig based micronation, and human-cookie transmutation

hag what wants to rape me

I was on a field trip with a class. I feel like we were probably in elementary school, at the boarding school I used to attend in England. It was in the middle of the night, and we were traversing a labyrinth of urban decay before arriving at a sort of mansion hotel surrounded by a sort of ravine. This is where we were staying. On the way, we encountered a frightening hag-like creature, suggestive of an old lady but clearly neither human nor genuinely alive. After giving us a scare, she was nowhere to be seen. We asked the woman who ran the mansion hotel about this creature. She confirmed that the thing came into the hotel all the time, and that it wasn’t very strong, but if you were a man wandering the halls alone it would definitely try to have sex with you. I was not interested in learning firsthand how a female monster can force a man to have sex with her, but fortunately the woman had a suggestion: If I found myself set upon by it, I could go through this room that was basically an ‘airlock’ of double screen doors, and she would hold the door shut for me after I passed through. Presumably a supernatural creature that can easily overpower a man has great difficulty passing through the ricketiest old door in the place. Continue reading

flight in darkness ended by geometry lava bomb


I was part of a post-alien invasion society. It was a sort of authoritarian village system run on the inside of a highschool in the middle of the country. I don’t think we were even allowed outside. Village gathering places were the gymnasium, cafeteria, assembly hall etc. The alien masters were never seen but gave orders through the class of human collaborators that oversaw the village and ensured productivity and adherence to rules; they were either thugs or insufferable bossy control freaks (one reminded me of the girl in charge of yearbook I had the misfortune of working with at T-School). All the villagers had a job to do, sometimes several, but instructions could come from the top at any time changing this or giving special assignments. Continue reading

hooking up in bathroom stall, slicing up punks with razor fingers


I was with a girl, a girl I recognized from IRL but maybe not. We were kissing. I remember paying extra attention to my lips and mouth to make sure I didn’t bite her tongue or that our teeth didn’t rub together. Cuz that shit’ll happen. Anyway I became aware that we were in a corner bathroom stall in a boy’s school washroom. I was a boy but also somehow an adult. We began having sex up against the divider wall. I became aware that sex was occurring in the stall next to ours as well. Sex fluids sloshed and oozed onto the floor – a sort of runny beige gravy-like stuff for the most part – and it grossed me out, but I kept going. I noticed that some kids outside were trying to fuck with us in some way, trying to pour the fluids onto us or into our stall from a bottle. I exited the stall and chased them away. They were mean little thugs though and kept harassing and attempting to attack me. I prevented their attacks by using my special power – to manifest slices across their skin by visualizing lines in the shape of the cut running between fingers on each hand as they approached. This startled them and they kept their distance, and didn’t attack me all at once. This was fortunate because manifesting these cuts took a lot of effort and focus, and wasn’t an exact science. They didn’t seem to figure it out, and their hesitance and fear kept them from succeeding.

kindergarden dorm room, secret green slime friend


I was in a low grade or possibly kindergarten. I was also living in a dorm room.  My roommate was a similarly-aged young girl.  Or possibly a series of similarly-aged young girls. That was the problem really – I had a terrible memory. I kept forgetting to do assignments, and forgetting to bring assignments to my roommate like I had been asked (because she was sick?). There are probably two reasons for this – for one, it’s a dream, and in dreams I’ve never got my assignments done, my projects finished, etc. But the other is that when I was in elementary school I had basically no concept of completing assignments. I never completed any, it never occurred to me that I had to.

Another element to the dream was my friend the slime creature. It was a green slime that lived inside objects, moving from one to the other, and possibly animating them. I didn’t really know anything about it, as I could not adequately communicate with it. But I got the feeling that it was old and wise, but also benevolent and that it enjoyed my company. I was always trying to find things for it to hide in so that it would not be discovered. It’s latest thing was to split itself up into separate pieces and hide each inside a separate toy.