hooking up in bathroom stall, slicing up punks with razor fingers


I was with a girl, a girl I recognized from IRL but maybe not. We were kissing. I remember paying extra attention to my lips and mouth to make sure I didn’t bite her tongue or that our teeth didn’t rub together. Cuz that shit’ll happen. Anyway I became aware that we were in a corner bathroom stall in a boy’s school washroom. I was a boy but also somehow an adult. We began having sex up against the divider wall. I became aware that sex was occurring in the stall next to ours as well. Sex fluids sloshed and oozed onto the floor – a sort of runny beige gravy-like stuff for the most part – and it grossed me out, but I kept going. I noticed that some kids outside were trying to fuck with us in some way, trying to pour the fluids onto us or into our stall from a bottle. I exited the stall and chased them away. They were mean little thugs though and kept harassing and attempting to attack me. I prevented their attacks by using my special power – to manifest slices across their skin by visualizing lines in the shape of the cut running between fingers on each hand as they approached. This startled them and they kept their distance, and didn’t attack me all at once. This was fortunate because manifesting these cuts took a lot of effort and focus, and wasn’t an exact science. They didn’t seem to figure it out, and their hesitance and fear kept them from succeeding.


faceless magic midget, fist rays, robot sex slave


January 20th, 2002

One of my sisters (kinda vague which one) and I were pulling up to what was supposed to be mom and dad’s new house, I guess. She was talking about how she wanted to get another cat for them and I was arguing that it was a bad idea because the place was full of twisty roads and cats could get run over. We decided that a dog was best, and besides that’s what dad asked for. The neighbourhood had white fences and houses everywhere, but it was just a little odd in that there was a complete lack of order or geometry. Continue reading

man-bat cancer pill queen


January 6th, 2002

I have been having a number of interesting dreams as of late, but I haven’t been keeping very good track so some things are unclear.  By far the most interesting was the one in which I met up with KA [daughter of a family friend who went to my school in England and was two or three years younger than I].  She was older and hotter and we ended up having sex, or at least we started going at it, me on top her on the bottom, but I decided it wasn’t the best time or the best place cuz I had a dim notion that the McN kids were in the room, at the age they were at in Germany.  Kinda weird person to have that kind of dream about, makes me feel a ped but it is only a dream and anyway she was older than when I knew her.  It was one of the few sex dreams I’ve had that wasn’t weird or awful.  Anyway we ended up having to wander around looking for food, because, predictably enough, we were in an apocalyptic city ruin.  There was a food/supply pile next to a little river in one part of town that was where we were going to get food – I don’t know how the food got so concentrated in that area.  Then a gang came along, and we kinda backed off.  The premise of most of this dream was us wandering around trying to find a place to get it on, with the obligatory apocalypse and zombies.  It’s a recurring characteristic – almost as if Dawn of the Dead forever affected the way my subconscious mind works.  Scary.  I suspect KA was brought to mind by the fact that I saw her on a Christmas card and me remembering where all my old GB games went now that I have the GBA.  I would have much preferred it if something like this came out of randomness instead. [I had given all my Gameboy games to KA several years prior, when I thought I was growing out of them.] Continue reading