superhero kids and power reactor sabotage monster


Wednesday, April 14, 2004 – Part One

Another Elastic Man-powered superhero dream. I’m not sure how it started. I was part of a team of super powered kids of various ages, similar to the X-Men but our costumes bore more resemblances to golden age JSA heroes. There was some creature going around disabling reactors. The reactors were in this huge dome shaped room, which was packed with what looked like a sort of surreal cartoony/alien technology. The reactors were these machines and they needed these spheres in them to work. Somehow the monster/creature was removing these spheres. There were about 10 of us heroes investigating the place under the senior guy’s supervision. I remember not being into the investigation much but enjoying laughing at other hero’s costumes and personalities. The ones I’d recognize from comics especially (though thinking back they weren’t from real comics, just from ones I knew in the dream) were a good laugh. We never really saw the creature though. Continue reading

superhero test, alien brain eggs


Saturday, April 03, 2004 – Part Two

Ok now to more recent matters.

I had a dream about being a superhero. I had Elastic Man powers and had to take some sort of exam alongside 3 or 4 other heroes-in-training. This practical exam each of us chasing down one of 4 or 5 super villains in yellow cars, and bringing them in for our grade. I easily caught mine by catching up with it and then pulling off the bumper of the car, which caused said villain to panic and crash into a lamp post (maybe I’m making that up and there was no crash, he might have just gotten out cuz of the bumper) and I was easily able to subdue him. I thought that because it was so easy, he was just a decoy, so I set out looking again but still carrying him, unconscious. I carried him all the way to what looked like some evening superhero carnival where everyone was part of the hero community, from old men to kids. At this point the man I was carrying had become a coat or some kind of clothes I’d been carrying in my arms, I suppose because I’d momentarily forgotten what was carrying and my mind just selected the most likely thing for my arms in that position (crossed over each other in front of me). I had to maneuver my way through this crowd of caped spandex retards, some of which were fat kids and girls. Saw an elderly superhero on my way to the washroom and told him I liked his logo (it was some sort of rapier-based design, dunno the significance) and asked him his superhero name. He said it was The Vangolier or something like that, some word I didn’t understand. End. Continue reading

Yakuza war, mad mortician, mummie-robot hitler, kung fu


This entry was originally pretty long, so I decided to split it in two.

Saturday, April 03, 2004 – Part One

I haven’t written in a while, partially because I lost this document. It was recovered to me by SA on this very day not twenty minutes ago, but alas is incomplete, probably not the most recent version that ever existed. Two Items below were left as notes of dreams to be described later but I didn’t. I have only a vague recollection of this dream which is better than a lot of my recollections of the above. Let me try to summarize, I might refine said summaries later. Continue reading