ancient temple with spider guardian, and a strange act of pity


I was dungeon exploring. There was a hill that appeared to be the ruins of an ancient city. At the top was a well-preserved temple surrounded by orchards of trees. The top floor of the temple had no walls, but did have a ceiling, and was filled with all kinds of moving panels, rotating pillars, and all kinds of other stone contraptions. Some may have been traps or puzzles for the dungeon diver to figure out, but others seemed to serve no clear purpose, and may have simply served the temple’s religious functions (which makes a lot more sense than installing traps and puzzle rooms).

When I ventured deeper to the underground levels of the dungeon, I found a varied network of halls and rooms lit by torches. In one room there was a raised walkway that passed over a large door, with stairways leading down. I went down the stairway to find that the door was open and led to tunnel going even deeper, to the secret depths of the temple that I sought. It was guarded by a giant spider, a strange gleaming disc shaped one that was kinda beautiful (but also frightening). It began chasing me away from this entranceway, but I was smarter – I ran up the stairs, and then when it followed, I leapt down to the floor below and ran through the entrance that it had inadvertently abandoned.

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