hooking up in bathroom stall, slicing up punks with razor fingers


I was with a girl, a girl I recognized from IRL but maybe not. We were kissing. I remember paying extra attention to my lips and mouth to make sure I didn’t bite her tongue or that our teeth didn’t rub together. Cuz that shit’ll happen. Anyway I became aware that we were in a corner bathroom stall in a boy’s school washroom. I was a boy but also somehow an adult. We began having sex up against the divider wall. I became aware that sex was occurring in the stall next to ours as well. Sex fluids sloshed and oozed onto the floor – a sort of runny beige gravy-like stuff for the most part – and it grossed me out, but I kept going. I noticed that some kids outside were trying to fuck with us in some way, trying to pour the fluids onto us or into our stall from a bottle. I exited the stall and chased them away. They were mean little thugs though and kept harassing and attempting to attack me. I prevented their attacks by using my special power – to manifest slices across their skin by visualizing lines in the shape of the cut running between fingers on each hand as they approached. This startled them and they kept their distance, and didn’t attack me all at once. This was fortunate because manifesting these cuts took a lot of effort and focus, and wasn’t an exact science. They didn’t seem to figure it out, and their hesitance and fear kept them from succeeding.