kindergarden dorm room, secret green slime friend


I was in a low grade or possibly kindergarten. I was also living in a dorm room.  My roommate was a similarly-aged young girl.  Or possibly a series of similarly-aged young girls. That was the problem really – I had a terrible memory. I kept forgetting to do assignments, and forgetting to bring assignments to my roommate like I had been asked (because she was sick?). There are probably two reasons for this – for one, it’s a dream, and in dreams I’ve never got my assignments done, my projects finished, etc. But the other is that when I was in elementary school I had basically no concept of completing assignments. I never completed any, it never occurred to me that I had to.

Another element to the dream was my friend the slime creature. It was a green slime that lived inside objects, moving from one to the other, and possibly animating them. I didn’t really know anything about it, as I could not adequately communicate with it. But I got the feeling that it was old and wise, but also benevolent and that it enjoyed my company. I was always trying to find things for it to hide in so that it would not be discovered. It’s latest thing was to split itself up into separate pieces and hide each inside a separate toy.