peeing on a sea sponge made of ice in a castle because why not


I was on a field trip to a castle. For a wash room there was just an open area with strange shapes. One of them was a three-foot-tall cylinder made of ice, which sort of looked like a sea sponge and I had assumed was a natural phenomenon and that I was supposed to pee on it. I peeing on a cylinder of ice thing and a man coming up to me and talking to me and not respecting my privacy. This really got on my nerves and I stopped peeing and left unfinished.

Although it was a field trip to a castle, the trip was of no interest to me whatsoever.

a vampire and an artist


There is a vampire and a man in a mansion or castle. The man is an artist.

The dream was about confronting evil, and fighting it. The man becomes a slave of the vampire, is controlled by him. His mind degrades and his journals become less and less coherent. His art becomes more like stock art, collage from reused items. I think he becomes anorexic at this point. Continue reading