haunted by silverfish and cyborg women


We lived in an apartment built over or next to a Chinese convenience store. The place was a poorly designed mess, basically a hall with a few rooms randomly jutting from it at regular intervals, some leading to places that weren’t related to us at all, like stores and things. silverfish - they hate us, you know I found things a tad confusing too, like it seemed to not have a layout consistent from time to time. Then one night I woke up to find that my room was also part of a subway station and a bunch of people were passing through. Then later it was a disgusting sty and silverfish were everywhere. I’d kill one with a death glare or poison or something and its lifeless body would fall onto my rumpled bedsheets, and while I was trying to find the corpse and dispose of it before I got totally grossed out by it touching where I sleep and spreading it’s ick taint, I would spot another one scurrying somewhere else. Continue reading


Macklemore in Skyrim

Macklemore's got a sword and there's a dragon and stuff

The first part of my dream took place in a medieval-ish fantasy world.  (It actually felt like a videogame RPG like Skyrim, specifically like DLC with it’s limited scope.)  It took place in a small village surrounded by forests and very close to the ruins of an ancient fort or small castle. Continue reading