wasps in an ancient labyrinth


I was in a dark underground labyrinth, ancient and somehow organic feeling. I was in one sort of spherical room with a soft moist floor with pods growing out of the flood and from them, foot-tall wasps hatched when someone brushed against them too hard. This nest of wasps was the security system for this place, but their range of vision was minimal.

The sense of Greek mythology was strong, and it’s not clear to me why I feel this. Perhaps I was in the Greek underworld. I do believe that at some point I was on a team playing a game/battle against an opposing team in one of the dark chambers. Our side of the ‘board’ or ‘field’ was elevated above theirs, and they appeared to be witches and gorgons and other humanoid creatures hissing and calling out ot us. The game felt like a weird hybrid of volleyball (but with more people) and chess (but played with humans/humanoids instead of chess pieces).