fourth wall time paradoxes with The Doctor


I had a dream that The Doctor (of Doctor Who) had, at some point in the sixties, worked at the BBC and created the very show which we know him for.

Why he had done this is unclear, but being part of the public consciousness was apparently wearing down on him and he regretted this decision. He was still nominally involved in the show’s production as an uncredited executive producer or consultant, and he was somewhat embarrassed to give me a tour of a very library-like production house for the show, as if the whole thing reflected a time of his life that he felt distanced from.

The production house was also either a place for pregnant cats, or a place to bring cats so they could be impregnated. I was nervous and excited about this. Kittens were on the way and I was at ground zero.


slavery and spiders


A giant in the Toronto Library, he controlled three people. I don’t remember this part so much. The other part was about me wandering across the countryside, trying to get somewhere, or away from someone, and coming across a small town. I suspect I was casing houses to rob, as I remember walking across back yards and looking carefully at the houses.

One house was decrepit, and much of it was covered with spiderwebs. I also spotted spiders everywhere, it was loaded with them. I could not believe how every part of the house and it’s property was infested with spiders of every possible variety. I soon learned that this house was a special landmark and historical whatever. One of the last American slaves had lived here. Continue reading