nuclear vampire apocalypse


I was in some research facility underground. It seemed to be both military (lots of security) and university (lots of students). The lights flickered out at some point. Creatures that fed on human blood (which I never actually saw) had escaped their holding tanks and were pursuing. There was just a mass panic of screaming and crowds rushing in all directions.  Continue reading

we are just cattle for the dead

I made him a tad too big, and gave those little zombies a tad too much personality. And him not enough. But I like this image.

Zombie apocalypse again. This time, however, it was long after the apocalypse – perhaps generations. I lived in a white octagonal building of about ten floors that housed a community of survivors. There were several such buildings in a circular pattern around the circumference of a grassy plateau in hilly countryside, presumably each housing a community. Because they did not appear to be built with concrete and were far away from roads, it seems likely these buildings were constructed after the apocalypse for the specific purpose of protecting remaining humans. Continue reading