cyborg frog rocks


The dream involved:

Frogs that grew among rocks in a stream or brook. They would form as a sort of slime film around the rocks as the water lapped over them, and the slime would form together into a more complex life and eventually there would be a bed of frogs, all capable of mobility but just a shell around a non-being with no organs. There was an ongoing experiment on them. They made them form around balls of ice so they would become hollow once it melted, floppy piles of frog-coloured pasta. The scientists tried to place little machines inside the frogs so that the organic part would grow around the machine and serve as its biological exoskeleton. Possibly to spy on people.

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open palm puncturing rail spike technique


I was a college student living in a basement. It was a very massive but cramped basement, unfinished cement walls and tonnes of room. The only reason I can think anyone would want to live there was that it was insanely cheap, because it was cold and extremely basementy in the worst possible way. There seemed to be a lot of rooms down there. There were plenty of people living there I was friends with, but others were high turnover rate people. Continue reading

Duke Nukem vs Sexy Robot Maid

Duke Nukem and a Maid Robot

I was on a mission. We were infiltrating a factory yard at night. The enemy had a secret underground base and we had to take some technology from them for intel while hiding the fact that it was taken. While searching the grounds for an entrance, we looked up to see a floating robot eye staring right down at us – a sort of black glass sphere with a metal back and antennae. I leapt up and grabbed it before it could phone home and report us, and ripped out it’s mechanical guts. Continue reading