basement slaughter


A calf being led down a narrow, winding staircase into a basement slaughterhouse, so that his mother would follow.

A boy, he was to be put on an assembly line, where he would be taken apart and converted into a stroggo, a cybernetic monster. I was on the assembly line myself and it was horrific, like being processed at a meat factory where instead of employees there are big hideous metallic creatures that want to rip you apart piece by piece. I can’t even describe it, but it was bleak and frightening and horrific. Continue reading


cannibal farm, radioactive computer sands, flying reincarnation coffin


What was last night’s dream about? It’s hard to even tell. I was living in an apartment with some female college students. We were all moving out and going our separate ways, but I think possibly I wanted to stay longer and was asking them to do the same. Continue reading