what this blog is for


I’ve always found my dreams interesting.  For years I’ve kept a dream journal on and off without really having a specific reason.

Now I’ve made the decision to start a blog for my dreams, for several reasons that I won’t go into right now.  At first the dreams will mostly be reruns – I’ve got quite a back catalog going back at least six years, and I plan on putting it up gradually.

Most dream entries were, at first, not actually written to be read by anyone but myself.  Later, as I started sharing with friends, I found myself explaining things so that people who weren’t me would understand what I was talking about.  Because I’m posting anonymously, I won’t bother censoring anything I’d consider too embarrassing or private, though I will substitute names for initials in order to preserve this anonymity. I may also add notes to the dream to explain things if I think they need it, in square brackets.

I hope you enjoy reading my dream journal blog thing.